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What You Should Know About Certified Financial Planners

by Erik Brenner on Jan 2, 2020


Certified Financial Planners (CFP) can stand out from a rather crowded field of financial professionals for a variety of reasons. One of the most important reasons is that Certified Financial Planners are mandated to act as a fiduciary, meaning that they are required to put their client’s interests and needs ahead of his or her own. Another reason why CFPs stand out are the requirements necessary to become a CFP, including a Bachelor’s degree and work-related experience. The exam for CFPs is quite stringent, and usually takes around 10 hours to complete.

Paying off Student Loans

by Erik Brenner on Dec 20, 2019

Finance, Education, College

In 2018, student loan debt in the U.S. reached $1.5 trillion. With a continued increase in college tuition, it's likely that even more young adults will be turning to loans in order to finance their education. 

With the average student loan debt coming in at around $38,000, it's important to have a plan in place to pay off those loans once you enter the workforce. If you've left school with student loan debt, here are some of the things you can do to help pay off those loans easier and faster:

Social Security Facts for 2019

by Erik Brenner on Dec 18, 2019


As of December 2018, more than 43.7 million retired Americans collected Social Security, with more than 8 million disabled workers collecting benefits as well. But Social Security is much more than retirement income. Along with providing a small income to millions of seniors, Social Security also provides life insurance as well as survivor benefits.

If you’re nearing retirement age and still have a lot of questions about Social Security, here are a few facts for you to consider:

A Handy Checklist for Year-End Planning

by Erik Brenner on Dec 9, 2019

Tax Planning

Reflecting and moving ahead

As a new year approaches, it is only natural for us to reflect on how things went in 2019. Personal and professional accomplishments may take center stage, or we may take stock of any disappointments and recalibrate as 2020 approaches.

Yet, we know it’s a busy time. Christmas shopping, holiday parties, tree trimming, family visits, and year-end cheer may already be stacking up on the calendar.

Buying Your First Home

by Erik Brenner on Nov 13, 2019

Home ownership is not for everyone, it remains a goal for many. And while browsing real estate websites looking at homes can give you an idea of what’s available, and help determine what you’re looking for, home ownership is much more complicated than simply picking out an attractive home.

Donation Details

by Erik Brenner on Nov 1, 2019

Finance, Lifestyle
While monthly giving has gained in popularity in recent years, most of us still tend to open up our wallets just a bit wider at the end of the year. What are organizations required to do once they receive your donation?  Here’s a quick run-down of what you should expect.