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Facts About Disability in America

by Erik Brenner on Sep 16, 2019

While no one expects to become disabled, whether temporarily, or permanently, having the resources in place in the event of a disability will provide you with financial stability when you need it. If you would like to speak with a financial professional at Hilltop Wealth Solutions, please do not hesitate to call us.

How to Create and Maintain a Budget

by Erik Brenner on Sep 9, 2019

Whether you’re earning a six-figure salary or just out of college, creating and maintaining a budget is a must. Having a budget that you actually use can help keep spending under control, bolster your savings account, adequately plan for retirement, and keep debt at a manageable level. Feel free to contact a financial professional at Hilltop Wealth Solutions for assistance.

Tips for Buying Your Next Home

by Erik Brenner on Sep 3, 2019

Buying a house is one of the biggest, if not the biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime. If you’d like to speak with a financial professional at Hilltop Wealth Solutions who can help walk you through the steps to homeownership, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Here are some tips and tricks for ensuring that the entire process is as stress-free as possible. 

10 Ways to Save Money

by Erik Brenner on Aug 26, 2019

While it may not seem so, there are a lot of painless ways to save money. Not just for those who have a limited cash flow, but also for those with plenty of surplus cash who will appreciate ways to cut back on monetary waste.

Here are just a few things you can do to save:

Six Tips for Financial Management

by Erik Brenner on Aug 19, 2019

There are a variety of financial management tools and applications available today that can be used to help you manage your money. From software applications to phone apps, there’s no shortage of help available. Unfortunately, those apps and software programs can only do what you set them up to do. And all the apps and software products in the world will make no difference in your financial situation if you don’t set goals.

5 Tips for Teaching Kids About Finances

by Erik Brenner on Aug 12, 2019

If you’ve spent more than five minutes on a kid’s television network, you’ve seen just how inundated young kids are with commercials for everything from the latest gadget, to some dreadful snack that features something gooey and/or messy. It’s also safe to bet that many of these kids run to their parents, wanting to buy some or all of these items. How can you help them understand finances? Here are some tips.

Financial Cost of Owning a Pet

by Erik Brenner on Aug 5, 2019

Has a dog or cat grabbed hold of your heart?  It doesn’t take much. A paw on the arm. A lick on the nose, or a soft purr or whimper can turn most of us into dog or cat parents in minutes.  With animal shelters across the U.S. frequently at their max, there are a record number of dogs and cats available for adoption. Of course, there are also those that are looking for a particular breed and are willing to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars when they find it. But whether you’re looking to adopt or purchase from a dog breeder, you need to be aware of the true cost of owning a pet.