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Is Renters Insurance a Good Idea?

by Erik Brenner on Nov 28, 2018

Insurance Planning, Real Estate, Lifestyle Planning, Financial Education
Renters insurance is an affordable way to protect your belongings and help pay for unexpected expenses – and it won’t break the bank. In addition to your belongings, renter covers other people’s injuries at your place, some lawsuits against you, and more. Protecting your belongings whether you own or rent is an important consideration. If you would like to speak with a financial professional at Hilltop Wealth Solutions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Real Estate Investing for the Beginner

by Erik Brenner on Nov 16, 2018

Real Estate, Investing, Financial Education
Television today is bombarded with a variety of real estate programs. House hunting, home renovation and home flipping programs have stimulated the interest of many individuals to start investing in real estate for themselves. There are many ways to invest in real estate. If you would like to speak with a financial professional about the options available, Hilltop Wealth Solutions would welcome your inquiry.

Is It Always Best to Purchase a Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Erik Brenner on Oct 29, 2018

Lifestyle Planning, Real Estate, Financial Education
Homeownership is the American dream. But is it for everyone? From a young age, purchasing a home is synonymous with success. However, there are some circumstances that need to be taken into account before making the decision to buy a home. Here are some financial disadvantages to home ownership that you should consider before purchasing. Contact Hilltop Wealth Solutions if you would like to discuss your options and plan for a brighter financial future.

A Guide to Investing in Single-Family Homes

by Erik Brenner on Sep 12, 2018

Investing, Real Estate, Financial Education
When looking for an investment, many people are turning to real estate. There are a variety of ways to invest in real estate, though one of the most popular ways to invest is by purchasing income-producing property. Here are a few things you need to know before investing in real estate. Contact Hilltop Wealth Solutions if you would like to see how investing in income-producing real estate might fit into your overall financial plan.
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