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401% serious about helping businesses give their employees a successful retirement.

At Hilltop, we are committed to an independent yet collaborative approach with other providers of your retirement benefits. We want to be the comprehensive expert of your plan, not just it’s investments. We know the key to a good retirement plan is more than just investments, so we will serve you in these key areas.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

At Hilltop Wealth Solutions, our main priority is to make sure you achieve all your financial goals. Our holistic planning process involves our entire team of experienced advisors and staff. We look at the big picture, helping you reach for your dreams and identify what is truly important to you and your family. Whether your goal is to retire early and buy a vacation home where you can spend time every year or perhaps working to assist your parents who may be challenged in their later years after they made sacrifices to ensure you had a good start in life. Many of our clients aim to help their children and grandchildren with educational funding or developing a strategy for philanthropy and legacy planning. 

Our process involves targeted questions, listening closely to your answers and then creating a plan that meets your needs in terms of cash reserves, debt management, investments, protection, tax strategies and often complex estate planning. Your desires and values are at the core of our financial planning process.

Work with us and we will put you on a path of financial security that you can trust. Then, you can spend more time doing the things you love, knowing that our team is watching the big picture for you.

Investment Management

You have worked hard for your wealth, and we want your money working for you as often and efficiently as possible. Therefore, the core of our investment philosophy at Hilltop Wealth Solutions is crafted around the power of compounding returns that grow and preserve your wealth.

Our goal is to create an investment strategy for our clients that is rooted in quantitative research. To do so, we evaluate both macroeconomic data and capital market activity, then filter them into simple action items and investment decisions. 

We believe that delivering a systematic data-driven process can improve decision-making by removing emotions from the equation and let you focus on what matters most to you.

There is no one investment strategy that works for everyone. Therefore, we have developed a comprehensive range of quantitative investment solutions can be customized to every client.

Starting from the ground floor, we first evaluate your financial goals and risk tolerance. Then, we evaluate our range of quantitative investment strategies that best align with those criteria.

We are firm believers in diversification and all our portfolios are rooted in this concept. By applying multiple quantitative portfolio management techniques to an investment portfolio, we dynamically change the risk positioning over time. Therefore, the portfolios we construct for our clients provide an alternative to the typical buy-and-hold investment approach.

Our suite of quantitative portfolio management techniques can be categorized into four main categories:

  • Managed Risk
    • Implied volatility metrics, global balance sheet metrics, and economic risk metrics.
  • Smart Growth
    • Combination of macro-economic risk indicators and capital market risk indicators.
  • Researched
    • Short term fixed income risk indicators such as duration, credit, and others unique to each fixed income asset class.
  • Turnkey
    • Combination of macro-economic risk, capital market risk, and risk-adjusted relative momentum indicators.


Overall, we believe the best investment experience for our clients is one that crafted around the power of compounding returns, removes emotion from the decision-making process, is rooted in rigorous research, and can be customized for everyone.

Retirement Plan Services

As your fiduciary retirement plan advisor our focus is simply you and your employees. Reducing the probability of an American retirement crisis drives us to provide outstanding service and sound advice to you and your participants each day. To accomplish this, Hilltop Retirement Services partners with employers/plan sponsors to help evaluate plan costs, address compliance concerns, reduce administrative burdens, monitor investments and fulfill the complex fiduciary duties regulated by the US Department of Labor. We optimize plan performance and increase the probability of financial success for each employee. Using an independent, yet collaborative approach, we serve as the lead point of contact for a company’s retirement plan.

From the perspective of a small business owner or corporate executive, retirement plans, such as 401(k) should be seen as a valuable tool for employees to save money for the future, but are often classified as complex, costly and a burden to sponsor.  We have seen the industry develop into a regulatory nightmare that has left employers overwhelmed and participants unprepared and apprehensive.  At Hilltop, we know the key to a successful retirement plan is educating participants and providing them with the best resources to address all questions and concerns.  As your plan advisor, we dedicate ourselves to bridging the gap between the 401(k) industry and you.  Let us be the expert on your 401(k), so you can stay focused on your organization.

Sound different than other plan advisors? That’s because we are – discover the Hilltop difference today.