Six Tips for Financial Management

by Erik Brenner on Aug 19, 2019

Lifestyle Planning, Savings, Investing, Financial Education
There are a variety of financial management tools and applications available today that can be used to help you manage your money. From software applications to phone apps, there’s no shortage of help available. Unfortunately, those apps and software programs can only do what you set them up to do. And all the apps and software products in the world will make no difference in your financial situation if you don’t set goals.

5 Tips for Teaching Kids About Finances

by Erik Brenner on Aug 12, 2019

Savings, Lifestyle Planning, Financial Education
If you’ve spent more than five minutes on a kid’s television network, you’ve seen just how inundated young kids are with commercials for everything from the latest gadget, to some dreadful snack that features something gooey and/or messy. It’s also safe to bet that many of these kids run to their parents, wanting to buy some or all of these items. How can you help them understand finances? Here are some tips.

Top 5 Things 20-Somethings Need to Do

by Erik Brenner on Jul 19, 2019

Savings, Credit, Retirement Planning, Lifestyle Planning, Financial Education
If you’re in your 20s, rejoice! You’re in a great position to create the life you want, starting with a secure financial future. While it’s common to feel overwhelmed when entering the workforce full time, there are a lot of things you can do fresh out of college that will help you attain your professional and financial goals earlier than you may expect.

It’s Never Too Late to Save

by Erik Brenner on Jun 17, 2019

Retirement Planning, Financial Education, Savings
At one time, it seemed like a lifetime away, now it may be just around the corner. At one time you planned on working forever, but now you can admit that the thought of retiring has its benefits.  Perhaps you’ve found yourself daydreaming about a little cabin on a lake, or a small home in the mountains. Here are some tips to boost your savings.

Start Saving for Retirement Today

by erikwbrenner on Apr 25, 2019

Retirement Planning, Savings, Financial Education
Time certainly goes by fast. One day you’re interviewing for your first job and the next thing you know you’re a few short years from applying for Social Security. If you’ve planned for your retirement, you’ll likely have a good stash of funds saved. But the unfortunate news is that according to the Insured Retirement Institute, 42 percent of baby boomers have nothing saved for retirement, and even those that have saved don’t have nearly enough to survive on. If you would like to speak with a financial professional at Hilltop Wealth Solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yes, You Can Still Buy Savings Bonds

by Erik Brenner on Aug 22, 2018

Investing, Savings, Financial Education
We all remember savings bonds. Once a popular gift for young children, parents could secure the bonds knowing that they could cash them out in the future. But are savings bonds still a good long-term savings strategy? This basic information can help you decide. If you would like to speak with a financial professional at Hilltop Wealth Solutions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
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