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What is Credit and Why is it so Important?

by Erik Brenner on Jul 8, 2019

Credit, Financial Education, Lifestyle Planning
Your credit score is a necessary fact of life, and whether you think it’s fair (it isn’t) or not, your credit score can affect a large part of your life. It’s also important to remember that your credit score is separate from your credit report, which is a compilation of your credit history from any financial activity such as credit cards, car loans, and mortgage payments.

Five Different Types of Mortgages

by Erik Brenner on Jul 1, 2019

Financial Education, Real Estate, Lifestyle Planning
If you’re currently in the market for a home, it will speed up the process considerably if you’re familiar with the various mortgage options available. Finding a mortgage that suits your current financial needs can be challenging, but understanding the various types of mortgages available and their requirements can make the process less challenging.

It’s Never Too Late to Save

by Erik Brenner on Jun 17, 2019

Retirement Planning, Financial Education, Savings
At one time, it seemed like a lifetime away, now it may be just around the corner. At one time you planned on working forever, but now you can admit that the thought of retiring has its benefits.  Perhaps you’ve found yourself daydreaming about a little cabin on a lake, or a small home in the mountains. Here are some tips to boost your savings.

Zombie Debt: How to Deal With Old Debt

by Erik Brenner on Jun 10, 2019

Debt, Financial Education, Lifestyle Planning
Zombie debt is old debt that is typically written off as bad debt by the original creditor and then later sold to collection agencies for pennies on the dollar. Most of the debt sold is years old and cannot legally be collected, though many consumers are unaware of the statute of limitations for legal collection of this debt.

Pros and Cons of a Reverse Mortgage

by Erik Brenner on May 28, 2019

Real Estate, Lifestyle Planning, Financial Education
Reverse mortgages have been around for a long time, but in recent years they have become more popular. Though some experts consider a reverse mortgage a last resort of sorts, depending on your own financial situation, a reverse mortgage may be helpful. Contact Hilltop Wealth Solutions if you’d like to discuss your options and plan for a brighter future today.

Financial Missteps of Personal Finance

by Erik Brenner on May 20, 2019

Lifestyle Planning, Debt, Financial Education
Personal finance, like just about everything else, is mainly common sense. Advice like “don’t spend more than you make; start investing while you’re young; don’t loan money to friends with the expectation of getting it back,” have been around for generations, and most likely will survive the next few generations as well. Contact Hilltop Wealth Solutions if you’d like to discuss your options and plan for a brighter future today.
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